• Femmes of Rock / Lita Ford // 2018-01-13
    Femmes of Rock / Lita Ford

    2018-01-13 // Reviews

    Those in attendance at the Weidner Center on January 13th for the Femmes of Rock / Lita Ford concert were treated to an big budget, Las Vegas-style sh...

  • Rival Sons // 2017-05-13
    Rival Sons

    2017-05-13 // Reviews

    A Rival Sons album showcases their take on rock – warranting comparisons to Led Zeppelin, the Doors, or contemporaries like The Raconteurs. But don’t...

  • Green Day // 2017-03-30
    Green Day

    2017-03-30 // Reviews

    ‘Green Day in Green Bay!!!’ Any time there was a lull in the excitement from the crowd, that’s all singer Billie Joe Armstrong would have to yell. I...

  • Tom Keifer // 2016-09-08
    Tom Keifer

    2016-09-08 // Reviews

    Although a Thursday night might not be the best time to catch a live show, that didn’t stop the 500+ in attendance from highly enjoying the Tom Keifer...

  • Kiss // 2016-08-10

    2016-08-10 // Reviews

    Everything Kiss does seems to be larger than life, and their concert at the Resch Center was no exception. For anybody that had doubts that maybe th...

  • Def Leppard / REO Speedwagon / Tesla // 2016-08-06
    Def Leppard / REO Speedwagon / Tesla

    2016-08-06 // Reviews

    Although I was attending this concert in 2016 to see Tesla, REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard, it sure felt like 1980-something. Here I was in the Vetera...

  • Boston / Eddie Money // 2016-05-22
    Boston / Eddie Money

    2016-05-22 // Reviews

    It’s been 40 years since the self-titled Boston album took the world by storm. It had everything: incredible and instantly identifiable lead guitar,...

  • Steel Panther // 2016-05-20
    Steel Panther

    2016-05-20 // Reviews

    With song titles like “Gloryhole”, “Asian Hooker” and “Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)” don’t expect insightful social commentary or deep philosophical mu...

  • Barry Manilow // 2016-04-21
    Barry Manilow

    2016-04-21 // Reviews

    You wouldn’t know that it was his final farewell tour by his performance. Barry Manilow hit the stage at the Resch Center with a smile on his face a...

  • Bret Michaels // 2015-09-15
    Bret Michaels

    2015-09-15 // Reviews

    A few years ago Bret Michaels could have performed in Green Bay, and filled whatever hall fairly well. As the lead singer of the band Poison; THE glam...

  • Motley Crue / Hinder / Theory of a Deadman / The Last Vegas // 2015-02-19
    Motley Crue / Hinder / Theory of a Deadman / The Last Vegas

    2015-02-19 // Reviews

    On Thursday night, the 19th of February, the Last Vegas band walked onstage of the Resch Center in Green Bay, WI. Dressed in leather like an 80’s gl...

  • Lonestar // 2007-08-07

    2007-08-07 // Reviews

    Even though the band Lonestar is about to go through a major overhaul with the departure of lead singer and main songwriter Richie McDonald, you’d nev...

  • Kelly Clarkson // 2005-08-14
    Kelly Clarkson

    2005-08-14 // Reviews

    Not only has reality TV changed the television industry, it’s also changed the music industry. A perfect example, if not the best example, is American...

  • Rock Never Stops // 2005-08-13
    Rock Never Stops

    2005-08-13 // Reviews

    Sometimes, there’s nothing better than an outdoor concert. When the weather is just right, the crowd is in the right mood, and the band(s) is sonicall...

  • Lifefest // 2005-07-07

    2005-07-07 // Reviews

    Being this is a review of the Lifest festival than the actual talent playing there, I’ll stay away from reviewing the acts that performed during the f...

  • Def Leppard / Tesla // 2005-06-12
    Def Leppard / Tesla

    2005-06-12 // Reviews

    Def Leppard returned to Green Bay, and this time they brought their friends with. Tesla was a great pick for Def Leppard’s opening band. Not only did ...

  • Motley Crue // 2005-04-05
    Motley Crue

    2005-04-05 // Reviews

    The rock n’ roll circus came to Green Bay on April 5th when Motley Crue rolled into town with their band of misfits and metal heads on the Red, White ...

  • Kenny Chesney // 2005-03-23
    Kenny Chesney

    2005-03-23 // Reviews

    Kenny Chesney’s latest album, Be as You Are, was inspired by his love of the islands and all but one song was actually written there. It should come a...

  • The Colors of Christmas // 2004-12-22
    The Colors of Christmas

    2004-12-22 // Reviews

    The Colors of Christmas tour debuted this year in Appleton at the Fox Center for the first time since it’s creation. The artists on the tour this year...

  • Tobymac / Third Day live // 2004-10-13
    Tobymac / Third Day live

    2004-10-13 // Reviews

    It’s not everyday that you get more for your money, but that was the case for concert goers attending the Tobymac/Third Day concert at the Resch Cente...

  • Twisted Sister // 2004-09-23
    Twisted Sister

    2004-09-23 // Reviews

    It was 1984 all over again when Twisted Sister hit the stage at the Oneida Casino with their make-up and attitude in tact. The audience was rather sma...

  • Journey // 2004-09-09

    2004-09-09 // Reviews

    Journey’s concert at the Oneida Bingo & Casino was the last show of the year in the casino’s Pavilion Nights lineup. Every year the casino will hold s...

  • Shania Twain // 2004-06-03
    Shania Twain

    2004-06-03 // Reviews

    If the sold out show at the Resch Center is any indication of Shania Twain’s popularity, she will be around for a long time. The crowd of 10,019 was s...

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