• Al Pitrelli // 2016-12-02
    Al Pitrelli

    2016-12-02 // Interviews

    You cannot turn on the radio during the holidays without hearing a song by Trans Siberian Orchestra. They’ve become as much a part of Christmas tradit...

  • Troy Luccketta // 2016-08-01
    Troy Luccketta

    2016-08-01 // Interviews

    Some artists refuse to be pigeon-holed, and Troy Luccketta is one of those artists. Most know him as the drummer for classic hard rock band Tesla. B...

  • Stephen Pearcy // 2007-08-17
    Stephen Pearcy

    2007-08-17 // Interviews

    There are several hard rock bands in the 80’s that had commercial success early on before the flood of bands that followed them: Quiet Riot, Twisted S...

  • Troy Luccketta // 2007-07-12
    Troy Luccketta

    2007-07-12 // Interviews

    Music and the decades they came from can, for the most part, be catorigized. In the 70’s you had disco, bell bottoms and flower power. In the 80’s you...

  • Bobby Dall // 2006-06-15
    Bobby Dall

    2006-06-15 // Interviews

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the debut album from the glam slam kings of noise: Poison. Teaming up with Cinderealla again this year, whom a...

  • Tom Keifer // 2005-08-12
    Tom Keifer

    2005-08-12 // Interviews

    Life isn’t always a fairy tale, even when you have a fairy tale name. Take for example the band Cinderella. Although very popular in the late 80’s and...

  • David Coverdale // 2005-06-10
    David Coverdale

    2005-06-10 // Interviews

    There are singers in the industry that “just get by”, and then there are singers that other singers admire and aspire to be like. David Coverdale is a...

  • Gunnar Nelson // 2005-05-22
    Gunnar Nelson

    2005-05-22 // Interviews

    There’s a lot that goes into having a successful music career. Good songs, image, management, and promotion are just a few of the things that separate...

  • Eliot Sloan // 2005-04-04
    Eliot Sloan

    2005-04-04 // Interviews

    While some might remember the band Blessid Union of Souls as a one hit wonder, they actually were a staple of Top 40 radio in the 90’s for several yea...

  • Nikki Sixx // 2005-02-23
    Nikki Sixx

    2005-02-23 // Interviews

    It’s safe to say that every band out there has borrowed something from another band along the way, either in look or sound. What makes a band stand ou...

  • Rebecca St. James // 2004-11-10
    Rebecca St. James

    2004-11-10 // Interviews

    Contemporary Christian music has come a long way in the past decade. While some artists disappear after one album, others enjoy quite a bit of success...

  • Jay Jay French // 2004-09-17
    Jay Jay French

    2004-09-17 // Interviews

    In the early 80’s, several hard rock bands came onto the scene that set the trend for the rest of the hair bands to follow. Although bands like Ratt, ...

  • Bill Leverity // 2004-08-27
    Bill Leverity

    2004-08-27 // Interviews

    Many if not most music acts from the 80’s have settled for becoming a novelty act. They tour, and play their songs that people associate to their memo...

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