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  • Kiss // 08-10-2016

    08-10-2016 // Review

    Everything Kiss does seems to be larger than life, and their concert at the Resch Center was no exception. For anybody that had doubts that maybe...

  • Def Leppard / REO Speedwagon / Tesla // 08-06-2016
    Def Leppard / REO Speedwagon / Tesla

    08-06-2016 // Review

    Although I was attending this concert in 2016 to see Tesla, REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard, it sure felt like 1980-something. Here I was in the...

  • Troy Luccketta // 08-01-2016
    Troy Luccketta

    08-01-2016 // Interview

    Some artists refuse to be pigeon-holed, and Troy Luccketta is one of those artists. Most know him as the drummer for classic hard rock band Tesla....

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